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1 Onshore Oil Production Series

2 Onshore Oil Type Production Series

3 Offshore Oil Production (water depth) Series

4 Onshore Gas Production Series

5 Onshore Gas Type Production Series

6 Offshore Gas Production (water depth) Series

7 Onshore Drilled Well (Exp, Dev) Series

8 Offshore Drilled Well (Exp, Dev, water depth) Series

9 Onshore Oil Reserves/Resources Series

10 Offshore Oil Reserves/Resources (water depth) Series

11 On and Off New Oil Reserve/Resource (water depth) Series

12 Onshore Gas Reserve/Resource Series

13 Offshore Gas Reserve/Resource (water depth)Series

14 On and Off New Gas Reserve/Resource (water depth) Series

Click on an underlined (hyperlinked) Excel File to download free worksheets to view formats.

Up-to-date files are not currently available. Data for years 1950-2050.